The European Alliance for Plant-based Foods (EAPF) brings together like-minded organisations in the plant-based value chain around a unique mission: To put plant-based foods at the heart of the transition towards more sustainable and healthy food systems.

More people are turning to plant-based foods – products made from vegetables, grains, pulses (including soy), nuts, fungi, algae – out of concerns for climate change, biodiversity loss, human health or animal welfare. The Alliance strives for making this shift a reality, allowing consumers to access true, safe and sustainable alternatives to animal-based products.

The Alliance represents the entire plant-based value chain: Food producers and manufacturers, NGOs, nutritionists, research & academia and consumers.

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As EAPF, we believe implementing a plant-based food system can deliver for everyone and help Europe thrive. To support this, we are calling on EU’s institutions and Member States to put the transition towards a sustainable food system in the EU at the heart of the next mandate and come forward with a dedicated plant-based food action plan.

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Sustainable food systems

We promote policies at European and national level that support plant-based foods and recognise their essential role in the transition to sustainable food systems.

Food labelling

We support clear food information on plant-based foods that guide and empower consumers to make healthier and more sustainable choices.

Fair market access

We advocate for a level playing field between plant- and animal-based products, to secure consumers’ equal access to healthy and sustainable foods.

Research and Innovation

We encourage and actively promote innovation towards sustainable plant-based food solutions that seize the potential of plant-based foods in addressing environmental and health challenges.

The Alliance calls on EU and national policymakers to take the following actions to actively support plant-based foods:

1. Provide incentives for sustainable practices in farming (including through the CAP eco-schemes) and in the food processing industry.

2. Allocate more funds to research and innovation on plant-based alternatives to animal-based products under Horizon Europe and other funding programmes.

3. Create fair market access for plant-based foods across Europe and remove existing barriers (e.g. higher tax rates for plant-based products).

4. Recognise the benefits of plant-based foods for people, animals and the planet and encourage initiatives to promote them.

5. Allow food manufacturers to clearly communicate about their products towards consumers through the use of commonly understood terminology (e.g. 'veggie burger’).

6. Establish an evidence-based framework for sustainable food labelling, providing transparent information about the nutritional and environmental value of foods.

Position Papers

Joint position paper on R&I, 5 November 2021

Joint Statement - Harnessing the power of a plant-based food system to fight climate change, 4 November 2021

EAPF Position on an EU Sustainable Food System Framework, 26 October 2021

Joint Statement - UN Food Systems Summit, 21 September 2021, 21 September 2021

EAPF Position on the Revision of EU Marketing Standards, 30 August 2021

EAPF Position on the Review of the EU school scheme, 26 July 2021

EAPF Position Towards a Level Playing Field for Plant-based Foods in Europe, July 2021

EAPF Position Statement on UN Food Systems Summit - Towards Predominantly Plant-based Food Systems Globally, July 2021

EAPF Position on the Revision of the EU Agricultural Promotion Policy, 18 June 2021

EAPF Position on the Revision of the EU Food Information to Consumers Regulation, May 2021

EAPF urges EU policymakers to take into account the view of all stakeholders in the CMO negotiations, 14 April 2021

Joint letter to Member States and the European Commission - Opposing Extra Restrictions to Plant-based Alternatives to Dairy, 9 February 2021

EAPF Position on Green Claims, 2 December 2020

EAPF Position on the EU Farm to Fork Strategy, December 2020

Joint EAPF and ENSA Position on Dairy Designations, 10 November 2020

Joint letter to MEPs - Aligning CMO with Farm to Fork Strategy, 8 October 2020



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